December 29th, 2009

More of August!

So these fav's are a family that I did two shoots with, mom wanted an arrangement for her wall, a work of art, I think that we did achieve it when all was said and done. And, my favorites from a senior that I've known since he was my son's age (4) I am OLD! ;)

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December 28th, 2009

More of my busy August!

So the next two sessions I will post favorites from are related... they are both wonderful families and I've been so fortunate to have been "hooked up" with them. I'm had the honor of photographing miss Tessa twice now and Miss Gwen three times. Enjoy my favorites from these two!

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December 27th, 2009

August, August... busy August.

August was, thank goodness, a busy and lucrative month! I had quite a few wonderful sessions and a lot of favorites.


Also, while I'm at it, if you are new and looking to book for 2010, I have changed a few things, please go to my site and have a look at my "me and your session" section and my "investment" session.

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December 23rd, 2009


So, July I only had one session, but it turned out to be the best connection EVER. She is probably blushing now as she reads this, I think that her and her sister are both very humble, caring people... but I was referred to this family from an earlier client. Krissi, then referred me to EVERYONE that she knew! She actually became my pr.... she sold me and I can not thank her enough for being such an awesome client and for referring me to everyone that she did. Her little one is a complete doll and Krissi and her husband are both wonderful! These favorites will take this whole post. ;)

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December 21st, 2009

Favorites from June

It's funny, I was thinking that I hadn't gotten really busy until the fall, but to look back, June was a very very busy month. Here are a few favorites from June. The first is an engagement session of a wonderful long time friend of mine. Second was a session with three little cutie patooties. And the third session was a friend of mine from school, her little girl's birthday party. Talk about photogenic, this girl stole my heart, STUNNING!

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December 20th, 2009

Favorites from the month of May

My favorites from the month of May this year. I had a semi newborn session with a new client who soon became a regular and wonderful client. A senior session with my step brother and another first time session with a new client who soon became a regular.


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December 18th, 2009

A year's worth of favorites

It's been a wonderful year, as I look back I've gotten some wonderful new clients, made some awesome new "client" friends and have grown artistically and business wise. I've learned a lot, we are all just ducks in a row. So for the next few days or so I'm going to select some of my favorites from the sessions I've done all year long. I'm going to try to choose at least one favorite from each session (in months like October, November) when I had 20 sessions, it will just be a two day post.








First two are a session of little twin girls I did in February. Then an awesome senior session in March and one of my favorite little guys in April.





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December 16th, 2009

A beautiful newborn session

This little guy was such a little doll... he was asleep when they arrived, well after he was disrobed and moved around a bit, he decided to wake up and stayed awake the entire time. :) But that's ok, I still got some nice photos of him for mom and dad to look back on one day and remember how tiny he once was.

Enjoy your sneak peek "mom and dad" I'm still working on them, but hopefully by Friday I'll be completely finished.

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December 14th, 2009

From my heart

Dear clients,


Thank you for an amazing fall season. To those of you who frequent me often, thank you for being loyal customers and awesome people. For those of you who are new and it was your first time with me, I thank you for the opportunity to capture your memories and hopefully provide some art for you to go along with it. I hope that you will return in the coming year.


There will be some changes coming, I've had a hard year, family wise and business wise, business wise it has been a lucrative season, but it has been a learning experience. I have learned a lot. I'm going to take this down time to reassess my pricing system, my policies and re do some things. Life is a learning experience and I take them with me as I move ahead in to 2010.


To those who I had to turn away because of scheduling, I apologize, but I am only one person and to be honest, had no idea I would book as I did this year, I'm thankful that I did, to be able to do what I love and do it for others fills me with joy.... but I had a waiting list and then at the end had to just say "no" and I do apologize. I do hope that you like my style enough to check back with me in the spring or book for a fall session early next year so that I can get you in.


The mix ups and flubs in orders has also been a HUGE learning experience for me, I will be putting a better ordering system in to place. Your slideshow will remain as it is when I present it to you in the beginning, to account for the numbering system that the website has on it. This is to keep me from ordering the wrong photos for you and to ensure that you do, indeed, receive the correct order. If there are photos that you do not want others to see, then do not give the password out to others, it is your password for a reason and that is why the galleries are password protected. The mix ups in ordering, I thank those of you who have been so gracious and kind and who understand that I not only have this job, I have the job of a mother, a maid, a chef, a taxi driver and also there are more than just you as a client. The busiest time when orders were placed seems to be when the biggest mishaps happened. I apologize, again know that you are not the only customer that I deal with and I order sizes in bulk. But I had many that were gracious and kind and understood and were just satisfied in the fact that it can be fixed and will be fixed and didn't  belittle me with their words or try to.  I thank you for this. Some of you know of the rough season my family has had and have kept us in your thoughts and prayers... this is in no way an excuse, but do know that when you have things going on as major as we did, it will weigh on your mind, and show in your performance. It may not have shown in my finished work, but it affected my organization, as it is not the best to begin with. ;) My only solace for the negative individuals that have come my way is that negative people bring negative things to their own lives, so think about that the next time you approach a situation with a negative attitude. You don't know what happened, you don't know what is going on in that person's life that day. Yes, it was a mistake, and that's why it is called a "mistake" it wasn't intentional and I'm not out to "get one over on you" anyone that knows me knows that I am more than accomodating.

As far as photo books are concerned, I made an announcement last night on Facebook that I was was not going to do them anymore, I was aggrivated and hurt that I've had two customers this season order them and were not satisfied.The dissatisfaction is not what bothered me, it was the way the individuals handled the situation.  One was not willing to have the situation fixed and took other measures... the other that was dissatisfied hurt me with her words because I do put my heart and soul in to these books, I search for the perfect quote to fit the photo that I put in. I place them in there and the finished product fills me with joy. I don't just sit down and place photos in to an ordering system, throw the quotes in there and "voila" I'm finished. These books take me at least an hour to do AFTER I have found the quotes that I feel fit the photo. To say "it's just ok" well that was hurtful. Yes, I'm emotionally invested in my work, but I also know that there are always going to be critics and people that you can not please all of the time, and those that will not ever like what you do no matter how you try to reconcile the situation. Go to another photographer and see what they charge to do a hard bound photo book for the same quality and then come back and tell me that you aren't getting a fabulous product for what I'm charging. I will continue to do them next year, but maybe only for those that have had them done for them in the past, or for those that have seen one of "MINE" and do know what they are going to get.


So thank you loyal customers and thank you new customers. I hope to see you back in 2010.



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December 10th, 2009

Last session before Xmas

I had one after this one, but it's for Xmas gifts, so I'm waiting until after Xmas to post those photos. ;)




This was from a few weeks ago. I had way too many favs again. And while here, one of the brothers proposed to his girlfriend! :)

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December 7th, 2009

The Positives

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” - Henri Matisse


As this year comes to an end, my family has had it's shares of ups and downs. We've had new friends come in to our lives, my business has taken off and we've also dealt with other trying issues that I will not discuss on here. But we have pulled through and will continue to do so. I so believe in the power of positive thoughts and positive energy. I believe that what you put out there, in to the universe, you get back. If it is negative, nasty, hateful and spiteful, then that is what you will get back. Think of it as karma, which I also firmly believe in and have seen it work it's wonders. This goes hand in hand with my customers. I have had the wonderful fortune this year of being totally booked the months of September, October and November. Most of these clients have been AMAZING, I usually form a bond with them that is more of a friendship than a "client" relationship, which can be good and can be bad. I want to think that it's good. I have had my share of bad clients, as I think if you are dealing with the public, you just do. There are always a few bad apples. With all that has been going on in my life, orders have been mixed up and incorrect on a few of you. I send you my deepest apology and hope that if I corrected it for you in a timely manner. It's a matter of I need to get a better ordering system in place for me... I am a believer that I'm just not organized and therefore can not draw a straight line, walk a straight line nor color inside of the lines. But if there is a mistake in your order, please let me know asap and we will get it fixed. I appreciate each and every one of my wonderful clients that I've had the pleasure of photographing this year, new ones and the regulars.

New clients, I hope that you will be back, if not in the spring then in the fall. Regulars, you better be back. ;) Remember, all of you, that I will start filling up again next year for fall and if you tried to schedule with me this year and couldn't get an appointment, contact me in August for fall appointments. I will start booking for fall in August. I will, again, take the month of December off and I mean the whole month, except for finishing up orders.

I plan on running a Spring special and I will post it in mid February. As well as some other things I'm working on, including a new pricing structure. Thank you all for a wonderful fall season. I value every single one of you, even those of you that were angry with me because of issues with things that may have been out of my control or you didn't want me to fix.

Remember, you get back what you put out.

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December 5th, 2009

The Webb Family

This family was so fun. The men had me laughing the whole time, I think a few photos I had to take 5 shots because I was afraid of camera shake from me laughing. ;)

So many favs as well, so enjoy!

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