November 29th, 2010

Cuteness overload

I have said it a million times, but I will say it again. I have the best clients in the world. I was contacted by one of these mom's last summer for miss Greta's one year pics. Then one of her sisters contacted me to do her daughter's pics. The next thing I know, both of those sisters are pregnant and then their other sister is pregnant. Now I have the luxury of being the photographer for all of these girls and their gorgeous kiddos. I did a 3 month shoot for Willa and Gus last week at Alexanders. An amazing room with amazing light with some amazing people. Enjoy.

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November 27th, 2010

Birthday Boy

When I take on the "First Year" baby packages, some may think I do it just to ensure I will get my client to come back, afterall, they have already paid in advance. But it is more to me, I have the opportunity to watch that child change and grow and document it for their family. This little guy, I have been photographing for a year now and this is his birthday session. It has been a fast year, he has changed so much, one thing hasn't changed, he still gives me somber looks, but that is ok....I love his somber faces. :) Happy Birthday Ian!

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November 24th, 2010


Beautiful family with a beautiful baby are my "picks" from their session.

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November 23rd, 2010

Layton girls

How lucky am I...I have wonderful clients and I always form a wonderful bond with them...This family of girls is not any different. Every time, after a session I come away inspired to be a better mother. Shelley is such a good mom, has such beautiful girls and just has a beautiful soul. We did a 4 year old bday shoot and then a Xmas shoot with all of them.

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November 22nd, 2010


Another super fun urban senior session. Heather was such a natural, and she is such a sweet girl! Here are my favs from her session.

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November 21st, 2010


A lot of my favorites from my senior session with Alyse on Thursday. We may have had a dreary day but it didn't hinder us. :)

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November 20th, 2010

Cousins by the Dozen

These kiddos were so much fun....I think the adults giggled more than the kids. :) Notice little miss on the end in the two girl group shots, she was NOT going to look at me or smile...

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November 19th, 2010


Favorites from my morning session with miss Grace. She is such a cutie...and was so funny, took her a bit to warm up to me, but after she did I got some giggles. :)

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Senior session give away one more time

Since I only had one entry on my first free senior session offer, I'm going to sweeten the deal! Leave me a note here or on my fb page and I will compile all of the names in a hat next Friday and draw one name to win




1. a free senior session




2. at the City Museum in downtown St Louis. Here is the link to the location




This is a $90 value because my session fees are going up for if you want a funky, fun senior session at the City Museum, then leave me a comment, your email and name. Come on, you know you want to!

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November 17th, 2010

House family

We managed to utitlize the last of the pear tree leaves on Sunday with this session. I'm really happy that they lasted this long to get their family shot. These trees are so pretty, almost rainbow... a perfect fall tree. Here is your sneak peak House family. :) Enjoy

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November 16th, 2010

Miss Claire

I think this is one of my favorite sessions this fall. First I love the thought of a little one in an urban setting, different textures and tones and second, a child and their lovey, well that says it all. So many favorites to post!

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November 15th, 2010


I love love this family. They were one of my first paying clients when I started and have stuck with me this whole time. They are fun and sweet and we always have so much fun at their session, even if it is ALWAYS cold... :) Here are my favs from Saturday!

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November 14th, 2010


This family is special to me. I have known them all my life... we grew up together, the dad and I. The goal was to capture some shots with his son and his dad, a three generation shot. :) We had FABULOUS weather, I think the last of the good warm weather.  Here is your peek Chris, enjoy!

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November 12th, 2010

Turner Family session

We had such perfect weather for this session last Sunday. Warm temps, perfect light, it was a good day. Such a sweet session with two adorable little guys! :)

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November 9th, 2010


You know how there are people and children who just attract your lens? Jayden is one of those people, so photogenic and has the super model bit down pat. Such a doll she is and her mom is just as sweet! Here are my favs from their session.

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November 8th, 2010

Sweet Miss A

Little Miss A.... such a tiny little bundle of joy. I did her mommy's maternity and then had the opportunity to take Ava's first photo. :) Here are a few of my favs... such a wonderful time in a couple's life.

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November 7th, 2010

Twomey family

Another beautiful family session... we were so lucky with the warm weather. Here are my favs.

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November 5th, 2010


Jack was a referral from an awesome client and friend and I'm so glad she referred. :) What a cutie he is, so much energy... even though he was busy, I still managed to get him to look at me a few times to photograph those big blue eyes of his.

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November 4th, 2010

A family of beautiful girls.

These girls are super super sweet! I first photographed them last April and then was fortunate enough to photograph their mommy for her maternity and now the new addition Miss E. They are such beautiful girls and always a big help! Enjoy your sneak peek Amy! :)

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November 3rd, 2010

Koenig Family

Miss A is such a cutie... her mom and dad purchased a baby package, so I get to see her change and grow every three months! She will be a year old in January, time really does fly! The next time you see her, we will be doing a smash cake session! Here are my favs from my third Sunday session.

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November 2nd, 2010

Roth Family

My second family session on Sunday was an eventful one to say the least. While scoping out a spot to do their family shots in, I found the perfect one, or so I thought... got the family there, and then out of no where come yellow jackets, a lot of yellow jackets. The dad was stung on the forehead, we moved as to hopefully avoid the kids being stung. I was stung on the ear and then on the arm. But the session continued, the show must go on, right? :) So even after a hornet attack, I still think we had a good session. Such a beautiful family... and look at the eye lashes on that little guy, wouldn't you die for them? Here are many of my favs from this session.

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The Miles Family

After a reschedule because we were told that it was going to rain....we met last Sunday morning and lucked out with the sunshine and the mild temps. Such a sweet beautiful family of girls... a joy to photograph.

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November 1st, 2010


Such a beautiful family... here is their full sneak peek! :)

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Some changes for 2011

Because I have overworked myself this fall, I am going to make some changes for 2011. I will only accept a few appointments a month to ensure that you receive the best photos from your session. Therefore I am already booking for January and booking quickly. The session fee will be due before your appointment is booked to hold the date and is going to be non refundable. When you contact me about a certain date, I will send you the client information and contract, this will explain how much the session fee is (my rates are going to go up in January) and other questions you may have. We will then discuss what you are wanting out of a session. I am no longer going to accept large groups, my style is very much candid, lifestyle photography, I don't pose you, nor do I like posed photos.  A lot of my shots usually one or more of the subjects are not looking at the camera. If this is something that you don't think you want, I can refer you to a photographer that I know and whose work I respect that can help you with what you are wanting. My editing style is unique to me, therefore I do not venture away from it ever. You can look on my website and get a feel for my style, how I work and edit. You will find no selective coloring, no super imposing of objects, etc. Again, if this is something that you are wanting, I can refer you to a photographer that I know and respect to take care of your needs. Thanks to those I had the opportunity to photograph this year, and to those who I still have to photograph. I enjoy working with each and every one of you.

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