July 28th, 2011

First Senior Rep...Marissa Sutherland {St Louis/Farmington Senior Portrait Photographer}

I had my first senior rep shoot on Tuesday...and I think we did fabulous. Marissa is a gorgeous girl. She is a senior at Farmington, president of her senior class and plays volleyball. She, along with two other girls I have chosen, are my spokesgirls. They are the faces of Emily Miller Photography for seniors this school year and I think I picked some great girls to represent me. Here are some of my favorites from her session, and you can also see more on my senior site under "senior reps"

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July 26th, 2011

Ava turns 1!

I love these girls. :) I have photographed little sis all the way from newborn to the big "1" and big sis, well for 2 years now. They are the cutest, sweetest girls and I love her mom and dad just as much. It was humid this night, but we survived. Here is a peek into their session. Happy Birthday Miss A!

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July 21st, 2011

the week after

Back from vacation, I finally have most of our photos edited and wanted to share! We had such a great time. My husband and I thought it would be relaxing, well it was, compared to a Disney vacation, but we still fell in bed in exhaustion every night...the ocean wore us out. Dauphin Island is such a neat little place. It was great for us because it was not crowded, not a bunch of "kids" partying, etc. We basically had our part of the beach to ourselves. We had to drive in to get groceries and a few times to eat dinner. There is a wonderful bakery on the island with the nicest people who remembered us every time, especially the girls, who they affectionately nick named "The Double Mint Twins" ;) Of course the girls had no idea what that meant, so I had to explain. We visited the Estuarium, which was cool. The kids were able to see jellyfish and star fish, turtles, etc. We went and toured an old civil war fort, Ft Gaines which is right there on the island. That was boring to them, all I could see was cool shooting locations and hubby was enthralled in the history. We took a boat ride out to the old lighthouse, saw all of the amazing homes on Dauphin Island, cruised around the lighthouse and then on the way back, the ship mates dropped the nets and whatever they pulled in, they put in the middle in a trough, pulled out anything dangerous and then the kids were free to pick up and touch, etc. YUCK! but it was very cool, they caught a bunch of shrimp, a couple of squid, a flounder (which is the flat fish with both eyes on one side) and countless other fish. And we just took our time and enjoyed the beach, the sand and the ocean. By Friday, our last full day, we were all weepy, we did not want to leave and I am totally not joking when I say that we are looking to relocate somewhere along the gulf coast. I felt so comfortable there, comfortable shooting (the first set of pics are the ones I did with my kiddos on the beach) our allergies went away for that entire week, a lot of things that we suffer from here in MO went completely away there that week. The breeze the whole week was amazing, kept it from being too hot and don't get me started on the low humidity and the sheer beauty of the sunsets. So here is a quick peek in to our vacation, I have more and may post more later on.....vacation let down was much harder this year and I am still dealing with it. It is always bittersweet to go on vacation and then have to come home, it means that summer is more than half way over and well, when you are really not happy with your "home" base, it is even harder. But we will muster through for now....and maybe in the next year or so you will see a "relocation" post from me. :)

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July 7th, 2011

A break for us

I love summer. Long days...fireflies....popcicles and ice cream....sprinklers and swimming..no schedule (if you don't want one) it is my time of the year. Can not forget the essential part that I love, vacation! We are leaving tomorrow morning for Dauphin Island in Alabama. It is down below Mobile, in the gulf. We rented a house on the beach and plan on enjoying each other's company, playing on the beach, maybe some board games, searching for shells, eating some serious sea food and just relaxing. I hope to bring back many photos....because of course I have a shoot "scheduled" with my own children on the beach! I will return on the 18th to answer emails and phone calls. I am still booking seniors..if you want an August, September, October or November appointment, fill out the contact form and I'll get you booked. I want to get as many as I had last year and then double it! So that means at the very minimum 100! So au revoir.....ciao....and adios! See you in a week!!!!!

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July 5th, 2011

Trudie {Missouri Children's Photographer}

What can I say except cuteness overload!!!!! Morning session with Miss Trudie last Friday....I think we did good. :)

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July 3rd, 2011

Shelly {Missouri Maternity/Newborn Photographer}

My beautiful friend is expecting and I am so honored to be able to do her maternity session and also photograph her new addition when he arrives in August! We had amazing light the day of this session and, well, it was just so easy because she is gorgeous and had some really great ideas. I wish I looked as good as she does when I was pregnant....she is positively glowing. So here are many of my favorites from her session.

Big Sis Olivia. :)

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Aaron {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I was contacted by this family a year ago, through what used to be the Little Hero organization. It is compiled of a group of photographers who donate their time and talent to families of children with special needs or illnesses to give them a free photo shoot and then either prints or the digital files after. It is a wonderful organization and it is now know as "Inspiration through Art" still has the same goal in mind, just different name. We couldn't get together on a date last summer, fall came and I got so busy I couldn't think straight. Finally on June 25th I was able to meet them and photograph their son Aaron for them. I met them at a gas station to follow them to the park we were going to shoot, they pulled up and I rolled down my window and this little guy in the back waved to me, I knew then that he would hold a special place in my heart. He was so happy the entire time, despite his problems. He can not walk like you and I, he can not speak and has a tracheotomy, but still he gave me giggles and smiles almost up until the very end. Here is Aaron's story from his mom and dad.

This is our son Aaron.  He is 11 years old and he's the most heroic person we know.  Aaron has been diagnosed with Beals Syndrome.  Beals Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes one to have contractures of knees, elbows and fingers, have a curved spine, facial abnormalities and misshapened ears.  Aarons breathing difficulties were brought on by another condition that as of yet, has not been diagnosed.  Aaron in non-verbal, but despite this, he has no trouble making friends and making his needs and wants known.  He also has a smile that will melt your heart and knows how to use it to his advantage!!!  After 5 major surgeries, we are continually amazed by him and his ability to take things as they come and not let things slow him down.  He knows no fear. 

I admire them so much, it is hard enough to be a parent, but to also be a parent and face challenges such as these, well they are heroes in my eyes. So here is a peek into my session with Aaron, who touched my heart and will hold a special place there for a long time.

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