October 29th, 2011

cutie patootie sibling session {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I had a lot of fun at this session. The kiddos were EXCELLENT and it only took me half the time it usually takes at a session because they were well behaved and followed direction. I'm used to little ones that I am chasing to get a pic, which is fine as well. It's funny how just a few years older  makes a huge difference in my shooting time. ;) There were still giggles, which I love. Here is a peek into their session. 

Fav! I love how big these trees were and how small they look in comparison

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October 27th, 2011

Elliotts {Missouri Family Photographer}

Another super cute family session.....love this family too. I am so fortunate to have awesome clients who continue to come back to me. 

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October 26th, 2011

<3 {Missouri Family Photographer}

I love this family. One of my very first "clients" and very good friends. I have watched Brody grow up and this family (along with a few others) are the ones that pull at my heart when I think about moving. But I know that they understand and hopefully will either come and see me or wait to have pics until I come back to Missouri. We had fun at their session, even though Brody was not having anything to do with me as long as I had my camera up. ;) 

Yes, this is the CUTEST Xmas pic ever I think. :) 

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October 25th, 2011

Isla {Missouri Childrens Photographer}

I photographed this little one when she was just a teeny little thing.My  how much she has changed and grown! What a sweet little one....here are several of my favorites from her session. 

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October 24th, 2011

Jessica; senior Farmington High School {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

Jessica is a senior at Farmington High School. We did a morning session and she picked a location that was new to me and I'm glad she did, new territory for me and a different look. This is only the first half of her senior session, the second half is in the near future. :) 

I absolutely LOVE the light in this one. 


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October 23rd, 2011

Bittick/Knox wedding {Missouri Wedding Photographer}

I have known Krista (the bride) for a long time...we worked together years ago and I went to school with her brother. She is such a sweet girl and when we reconnected and she asked me to photograph her wedding, how could I say no. The day was beautiful, could not have asked for more perfect October weather, sunny and warm, a bit breezy, but the ceremony came off without a hitch. We had amazing light after to do their first photos as husband and wife and I think a good time was had by all. I have been waiting for them to return from their honeymoon (2 weeks in the Dominican Repulic) before I posted anything. So here is your sneak peek Krista and Chris. Thank you again for allowing me to share in your special day. It was a beautiful day and I wish you many happy days to come. <3 

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Cute Family alert {Missouri Family Photographer}

I have been photographing this little guy since he was, oh 3 months old. One of my favorite families...here is a peek into their session from Thursday. 

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October 20th, 2011

Moyers family {Missouri family photographer}

This family I photographed last fall and then they won my family contest I had last winter. They are so fun to work with because I know they will be styled super cool and are up for anything. My favs from their session last Saturday. ;) 

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October 18th, 2011

Crump family {Missouri Family Photographer}

When we arrived to the location that this family chose there were signs up that said "Private Property...camera in use" :| so needless to say we did not stay. It's a shame too, it is a cool local spot. But....I'm sort of glad we didn't, had we stayed there I would not have captured the sun that blessed us with it's pressence on this evening. Love this family....they are the sweetest and the kids, ADORABLE! 

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Trudie {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Just a few from this little sweet pea's session last week. She is such a doll...;) 

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October 17th, 2011

Wagner family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I have known Donica (mom) for quite some time. We went to cosmetology school together 11 years ago. Yes, I tried to do hair at one point, HATED IT....but we used to have so much fun together at school. We reconnected one day a few years back in Target and I gave her my business card, then we found each other on FB last fall. She entered my family session give away last spring and won! I'm so glad she did. This family is beyond gorgeous, these two kids of hers are the cutest and her son, well I'll let the photos speak for themselves, trust me, he will be a lady killer one day. Here are my favs from their session last Monday! 

love the giggles! 

I love this shot, I was trying to get her to give me a serious face, then I realized that she is probably not a serious child, so I wanted to capture a "real" smile...you know, not the "say cheese" smile, so I told her "not to smile" and then it starting peeking out before giggles ensued! 

favorite shot, I love when I catch people off guard just doing their thing. 

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October 16th, 2011

House Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I photographed this beautiful family last Sunday. We had perfect fall weather...Here are some of my favorites .

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Matthew and Ava {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Matthew and Ava's session was rained out TWICE....I have had that happen so many times this year. But the day we rescheduled for was a beautiful fall day, so we actually got really lucky. Matthew is such a polite, well mannered kid...and his sister is a typical active 4 year old with a huge personality to match. Here is a peek into their session from last Friday. 

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October 13th, 2011

Brothers {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I've been photographing big brother for a year now. He is the sweetest thing EVER and has quickly warmed to me and now, at every session we have fun. Now he has a little brother, born 9 weeks early, but home and everyone seems to be doing well. Here is a tiny peek into their session from last week. 

seriously love this one. Carter's eyes are SO blue. 

This one may look like a flub and it may have been, but there is something so child like and fun about it so I kept it. :) 

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October 11th, 2011

Leigh and Erik are getting married {Missouri Engagement Photographer}

Leigh contacted me a while back to shoot their wedding which is planned for May. I was very excited and when we discussed their engagement session, well I was even more excited. The day we met to do their e session  I got out of the car, we discussed details and then were to go to the location. I got back in my car, put it in reverse and backed right into a cement light pole at Hardees where we met. :| not a good way to meet, but it did not affect my mojo! We had so much fun and I think I got some great shots. They are so much fun to be around and are so much in love. Here is how they met in Leigh's words. 

Erik and I were set up by our mutual friend, Lilli, two weeks after graduating college. Lilli went to church and high school with Erik back home in Wisconsin, and she was my best friend all 4 years of college. He spent a year of college in WI, then transferred to Evangel University in Springfield, MO, our freshman year at College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO. I met him for 5 minutes freshman year when he came to a basketball game at CofO to see Lilli. I thought he was cute, so I added him on Facebook, but he had a girlfriend. I remember thinking, "Darnit, they always do!" We never spoke again for 4 years. We were at Evangel a couple times for basketball games, and he would text Lilli and ask her to come hang out with him, but she never did. Right after college graduation, she was talking to him and asked him how his dating life was going. He said he'd gone on a couple dates, but he found out the girl was kind of a partier, and he didn't really care for that. She said he should meet her best friend, that we'd be perfect together. She texted me and said, "If I got you a date, would you go?" I said, "Ooo, maybe! With whom??" She told me and I said, "Oo, he's cute! Yes!" He came to my house in Branson one Sunday and we watched the Cards/Cubs game (Cards whopped 'em!). And that was that! It was so crazy that she never set us up during college, but I know the timing was perfect, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


She is a Cardinal fan (woo woo) and he is a Cubs fan...we had to do something with that! 


and one more fav....well all of these at the field were my favorites. 

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cutie patooties! {Missouri Family Photographer}

This session was rained out too many times to count. The morning we rescheduled for was to be our first frost of the year....so I was concerned about dealing with the temps (because of the littlest cutie) and the ground being wet and or cold. Mom said "let's just do it" and we got lucky and had pretty decent temps and not horribly wet ground. What cuties both of these little ones are...and mom and dad wanted a few pics alone, always SO happy to do that. I know, even as a photographer, I rarely have my pic taken with my hubby alone. Here are a few from their session. 

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October 10th, 2011

Alex...senior Crystal City High School {MIssouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

Another fabulous senior! Alex is a senior at Crystal City High school. I went to cosmetology school with her aunt....I was SO excited when her mom called me to book her session. I needed to get my hands on just one senior up north and then hopefully the word will spread! ;) Here are some of my favs from her session last week. 

FAV! Look at that light and her expression...pure perfection. 

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Jaden...senior Farmington High School {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

I have known Jaden since she was my son's age...so when her mom called me to do her senior pics I was thrilled! And mom did not dissapoint on having her with the cutest outfits and accessories. We were rained out for our outside shots on the first day, so we rescheduled and had a beautiful day the next weekend. I had SO many favorites, Jaden is a beautiful photogenic girl with a bright future ahead. Here is a peek into her session. 

My absolute favorite! 

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October 5th, 2011

Jayden...aka the diva {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Oh how I love to photograph this little one...she has such a huge personality and is such a diva. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. And photogenic, holy photogenic. Love her and her mom! Here is a peek from their session last week. 

totally my favorite shot. Jayden kept wanting to throw up leaves....I promised to "shoot" the moment. I love that I caught her being a kid. 

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