September 27th, 2011

Haley- senior 2012 {Missouri Senior Photographer}

If ever I get in a rut, all I need to do is go and find me a beautiful high school senior girl to seriously pulls me out of my funk. I have a little bit more artistic freedom when I shoot with a senior and a little bit more artistic freedom editing wise....not to mention that they just freaking rock. ;) Haley's session was rained out the week before but I think it paid off to have to reschedule, we had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday and well, she rocked it. Thank you Haley for giving me the opportunity to document you during your senior year...

one of my favorite shots, found this little bright green patch of grass and the light coming through was A-MAZING. 

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September 23rd, 2011

Jax {Missouri Children's Photographer}

This little guy was SO good for me, he gave me such sweet little grins, didn't fuss when mom changed his outfit twice, he was a dream! :) Here are some of my favs from his session on Wed morning. :) 

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September 21st, 2011

Jonah {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Jonah was SO happy and cooperative for me on Friday evening. This session was a favorite kind. Quick, painless and lots of smiles. :) 

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September 19th, 2011

Brian and Jen are getting married {Missouri Engagement Photographer}

I seriously could have blogged this whole session. Jen came to me as a referral from an awesome client of mine and I'm so glad she referred Jen and Brian to me. They are my kind of people, don't take life too seriously, like to have fun and can totally laugh at themselves. We had a great time during our shoot. They are planning a wedding in Cancun on 11-11-11 (how cool is that) and I wish them all of the best luck for their future lives together. They deserve the best. Here is how "the story of us" told in Brian's words. (I edited it a little...;)) 



"We actually knew each other in high school. She was two years younger than me, so we didn't hang out or talk to each other really. We were re-acquainted one night when SHE picked ME up in a bar (Hub's Pub, in Bonne Terre). I was minding my own business,had just got off a float trip and she came up to me.   We have talked everyday ever since.




 I'm not the kind of person to do something real flashy, and I wanted it to just be her and I because I wanted it to be OUR moment, not other peoples. So I went a got her ring, (which actually I am proud to say I designed myself) and when I got home I couldn't not give it to her. I didn't do the whole "down on one knee" thing, I just asked her. We kept it quiet til the next evening because I wanted to talk to her dad first, which is was very excited when I told him. Jennifer is one of the most considerate persons I have ever met in my life, and that is one quality I immediately fell in love with. She has an AMAZING family, and I cannot wait to spend many happy years with her as my beautiful little bride." 


Yep, that last little part is my favorite sweet. Congrats again and here are all of my favorites from their session. 


We got lucky with this, Jen noticed it when we pulled into our second location and, well it was an "E and a J" and I doctored it a bit....had to take advantage of it. 

One of my favorites, something about it I just love. 

I love how I caught them giggling and this was a total outtake, I was trying to move them into a pose and well, I think it works. :D 

and this one, LOVE.....

Thanks to you two, I had so much fun and I wish you all the best...always! And when you decide to have little ones, please let me know, I'll totally come back up! :) 

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September 17th, 2011

Mcdowell family {Missouri family photographer}

I met with this beautiful family last Monday...we had beautiful weather, perfect light and beautiful subjects...all of the elements for a great session! Here are some of my absolute favorites. :) 

Love this one, I love to capture moments that are not posed and are so so special. 

I think this is my favorite, children are so honest and real at this age. I usually don't get the cheesey smiles, I get true emotional looks...and usually they are thinking, why are you standing there, making faces with that camera to your face. ;) 

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September 15th, 2011

Henry and James {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I have "known" big brother since he was little brother's age, so when I finally got to meet James (little brother) I could not BELIEVE how much he looked like his older brother. Both of them are handsome handsome boys....with wonderful parents. Just a handful of my favorites from Sunday

My favorite, I love when I can get a natural giggle/smile. :D 

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September 12th, 2011

Jozelyn is 1! {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I have had my fair share of 1 year olds lately...but that is fine. They are so much fun, usually give me great smiles and giggles! We did miss J's session on Saturday morning, she did so good, gave me smiles and silly faces...and I think she enjoyed her birthday cupcake at the end. :) My favorite shot, the first one with her mom and dad. 

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September 10th, 2011

Willa is 1! {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Willa and Gus are cousins and were born very close together....not sure how close, within days. So when I went up to meet Willa and photograph her I also did Gus's photos. See why these families mean so much to me. I love them like family. Usually Greta, Willa's older sis, doesn't want me to photograph her, but on this day, she conjured up her inner model. She was on FIRE.....posing me for and every time I put my camera up she was there. So I got a lot of good ones of both and was able to use a trick I learned from the fabulous Bobbi and Mike, it worked like a charm...see adorable mommy and child photo below. 

Bobbi and Mike secret posing tip....and my favorite pic from the session. 

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Gus is 1! {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Seems like just yesterday I was photographing Gus for his newborn session. This year has flown by. I love this family, the three of them and their extended family. They make my job so much fun and so easy. A peek into their session at Forest Park last Sunday. 

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Max {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Max's mom booked this session months ago and we have been chatting via email since then. We figured out quickly that we have lots in common and pretty much formed an instant friendship. I think that is what I love so much about my job, I am able to form these relationships and usually they are lasting. Up until Max, I had not photographed any little boys around his age in a long time, I had forgotten how BUSY they are. :) We just let Max do his thing and I think I captured him pretty well. Here are some of my favorites from his session. 

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September 6th, 2011

Little J {Missouri Children's Photographer}

oh this little guy, he was such a good "model" for me on this day. This is one of my favorite ages to photograph, they sit, don't really move much yet and are so happy and smiley. :) Here are some of my favs. 

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September 2nd, 2011

Luke {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I was so excited when Luke's mom mentioned that she had found some old toys in the attic to use at this session. I must find some and keep them in my "stash" 

We had fun, Luke was super happy and did great! Here are my favs. 

Daddy's old tractor. :) 

Grandpa's old fire engine pedal car. :) 

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