April 25th, 2012

The value of a photo {Missouri Family Portrait Photographer}

I have been a stickler with my scheduling this year, trying not to spread myself too thin as I blinked one day and realized that time had passed and my children had grown a full year that I could not remember... and with an impending move, I just felt the need to give myself some time. So I was on the computer on Saturday morning when Becca messaged me, she told me that she knew it was last minute, but could I please snap a few family shots for her after church on the following day. Without going into too much detail, of course I had to do it. I felt compelled to do something, anything to help them. And because I can't do much, this was my gift to them... 

I can not stress to you how important it is to have a photograph of you and your kids with you. I know we all probably have photographs of our children at home, even if it's just a school photo, but those photos with mom and dad in them as well are the photos that your children will appreciate  one day. I know that I made a plea not long ago about being in photos more with my children, that I looked around one day to see that I was in maybe one photo here and there and I haven't done very well, I do better now with my phone, it's easier and it's still a photo that they can look back on and treasure. So please, sometime this year I urge you to have a family photo taken, it doesn't even have to be by a professional...just do it. I think you will thank yourself one day and so will your kids. 

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April 23rd, 2012

Rachel|Senior Central High School {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

Rachel contacted me back in the early  fall to schedule her senior session, paid her fee and we were set... then she broke her leg. :( So a reschedule it was... on the date of her session it rained... it seemed as if we just could not get it together. So I decided that we could split it up into two morning sessions which worked out great. Both mornings we got lucky with beautiful light and great temperatures. Rachel is a bright girl with a good head on her shoulders.. I believe she will definitely go far! Here is your sneak peek Rachel! Enjoy

I think this one is my favorite, I love the way the greenery is framing her. 

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April 21st, 2012

Danielle|Senior Farmington High School {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

Danielle's session was another rain out from last weekend. We decided on Wednesday as the make up and we were blessed with beautiful mild temps and light that was utterly amazing. Danielle should be a model.... seriously, she knows just how to stand, how to turn her head, she is a photographer's dream and I am so happy that she chose me as her senior photographer. This has to rank up there as one of my favorite sessions of all time... Enjoy! 

PS; I can not choose a favorite.... every one of these speak to me in a different way, so we'll just say that they are ALL my favorite! 

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April 20th, 2012

Molly|senior Farmington High School {MIssouri Senior Portrait Photographer}}

Molly's session was one of my many rain outs last weekend. We finally got together this past Tuesday and were SO lucky with fantastic weather and beautiful light. Molly is a gorgeous girl with a big future ahead of her. Here is your sneak peek Molly, I hope you enjoy it... I'll have your gallery loaded soon! 

Molly's dad passed away a few years ago, so she made this clock as a prop for her session and we used an old photo of her and her dad... such a great tribute to their relationship. 

FAVORITE shot! The light, her expression... perfect. 

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April 18th, 2012

Kegan|senior Farmington High School {Missouri Senior Photographer}

It is no lie that I photograph more senior girls than boys.. which is fine. But when I get a boy to photograph that is as cool and awesome as Kegan was, I get SO excited! We had in common the fact that we love different and an artisitc flare to photos. He was open for anything and that basically gave me full reign to go crazy with my editing skills.. which is where I truly turn a photo into my work...I used several textures in this session from the fabulous Jessica Drossin...I have to give her that credit because they always make such a dramatic difference to my pics. Kegan, thank you for choosing ME as your senior photographer. I hope you enjoy this peek and I'll get your gallery loaded by this afternoon (hopefully) 


fav fav fav... can't say it enough! 

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April 16th, 2012

Sweet Parker {Missouri Newborn Photographer}

I photographed this little one's mommy and daddy's wedding last year at this time... now I am photographing this newest addition to their little family. She was NOT having any of those "naked shots" though I did get a few before she woke up. :) Here is your preview mom and dad... hope you enjoy. 

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April 13th, 2012

Stephanie|Senior {Missouri Senior Photographer}

My favorite session in the whole wide world are senior sessions. I can be more creative, seniors are more open to my funkyness in processing and location and well they are just fun. Stephanie and I met last Monday for her session.. it was so HOT for April. We had some excitement and got some great shots. Here is your sneak peek Stephanie, enjoy! 

FAVORITE... I love love this one... first time I used this spot. 

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April 3rd, 2012

Jonah turns 1! {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Jonah turned 1! We had his session at Tower Grove Park, perfect weather, especially for April...and a pleasant cooperative baby boy.... here is a sneak peek for his mom and dad! 

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Maddie {Missouri children's Photographer}

I've been photographing Maddie and her sisters for, 2 years I guess... they are such sweet girls and I love their mom. We decided to go to Pickle Springs for this session... we got our exercise (via a 2 mile hike) and some great shots. Here is a peek at her session from Saturday! 

favorite.. the dogwoods were in bloom and SO pretty. 

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April 2nd, 2012

Braxton...{Missouri Children's Photographer}

I photographed this beautiful family on Friday. We had perfect weather, perfect light and a coooperative baby... he wasn't too sure about mom and dad getting too far out of his sight, but he finally warmed up to me. :) Here is a peek at their session. 

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