December 31st, 2012

Wyatt {Missouri Family/Newborn Photographer}

My goal for this newborn session was to focus more on them in their home than to pose the baby. I did some posing at the end, because, let's be honest, who doesn't love to see a squishy newborn all curled up asleep.... but it worked out great because Wyatt was wide awake when I got there and by the time we handled him a little and changed his clothes a lot when it was time to pose, we had hardly any trouble at all. While mom and I were trying to get little one to sleep, dad and big brother "hunted bears" and I did get a few shots of that.... that is the beauty of a lifestyle session. Thank you Cole family for allowing me to work with your beautiful children. <3 Happy New Year

"Hunting bears" :) 

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December 29th, 2012

Getting my mojo back

When I first found photography, I jumped in head first, read everything I could get my hands on. Every little piece of information, joined a ton of online forums and found Flickr. Flickr is where I learned the most, inspired by amazing photographers who were eager to befriend me and answer my questions. There was no competition, no cattiness, just knowledge and inspiration. Then I got busy with my business and all of that fell to the way side, I stopped photographing for me. Well, one of my resolutions for 2013 is to get creative again, for me, no one else. This is what heals my soul, to take a photo just for me, it may have my kids in it, it may not, and that's ok. I need this, and already I'm feeling those creative juices start to flow and DAMN it feels good. So please follow along with me here, on facebook or flickr. I'm so excited to see what this coming year will bring. 


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December 24th, 2012

Baby Cole

I had my first ever birth session. What an experience that was. Mom's labor was fast and I was home by 7pm. :) Missi is a client of mine and when I found out she was expecting, I approached her with this idea. I'm so happy she said yes. I wish I had photos like this when I had my children.... sneak peek for the Cole Family. I can not wait to do this baby's newborn session this weekend! :) 

their whole family was there... they had no idea the sex of the baby, so during the birth, Missi's mom called her sisters (in the waiting room) and face timed to announce if it was a boy or a girl. How fun! 

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