May 28th, 2012

Little Miss G {Missouri Children's Photographer}

When little miss G's mommy sent me a text on the day of our session and told me that little one was grouchy, I came prepared for extreme fussiness.... was she grouchy, yes... was she absolutely hilarious with her grouchiness and attitude, YES! I had so much fun capturing this little one, simply because her mom and dad knew that she was grouchy and that was ok, it was her at that moment. To me, those are the photos I treasure the most of my children, the photos that remind me of the exact moment I snapped the shutter.. not the same smile over and over but in different clothing. :) 

Enjoy your sneak peek Stegall family. Gallery to come soon! 

seriously, look at that face, she was NOT happy with me! :D 

fav fav fav shot! The sun was so perfect coming through the trees and her exploring that dandelion was priceless. 

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May 23rd, 2012

Sisters {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Some of my favorite people.... I met Torri and her girls at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit. I WILL go back there and take my kids, we didn't even see a 1/4 of the property, such amazing places... the light was BEAUTIFUL and well, we had a lot of fun exploring. Here is your sneak peek, I hope to have your gallery loaded by Friday. :) 

favorite shot FOR SURE... I never get any little ones to be moody, which is generally good, but Tessa was not feeling the greatest on Friday, so at the beginning of the session, I got some great moody shots of her. <3

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May 17th, 2012

Isla is ONE! {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Wow, not to pat myself on the back, but I could have blogged this whole session. That just tells me that I finally was back in my groove with this one, feeling good about it and creative. FINALLY! 

Isla's session was scheduled for last week, but the weather was less than stellar and her birthday outfit was not in yet, so we rescheduled for Wednesday. I didn't know until that day that a year before, on that exact day, I had photographed Isla's mommy and daddy for their maternity session and then four days later Isla made her entrance into our world. How cool is that??!!!! We had a FABULOUS evening, Isla was in a great mood, the weather was perfect, the light was killer and we all had our "A" game going. Here is their HUGE preview.. I coudln't resist.. I had so many favorites. Gallery to come... soon. :) xoxo

trying the cupcake..first time ever. 


Oh.. that was the icing that was weird, the cake part is delicious! 

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May 10th, 2012

Brewer Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

So... we have had this session scheduled since last fall. It was one of my sessions that suffered due to the rain and cold we had early in the fall.. so we rescheduled for Sunday and we were blessed with amazing weather! When we met and got out, Dylan said to me "I think you know my husband", he got out and um... well let's just say that I babysat him when I was in HIGH SCHOOL! Yes, I felt old... very very old. That has been every bit of 20 years, wow... anyway, we had fun. Payton is such a cutie, but like all children, when she was done, she was done and that is fine, I did get some great shots while she was wanting to be photographed! Dylan and Adam, enjoy your preview, gallery will be posted soon! And share this on FB and get 5 comments by tomorrow evening and you will receive a free 8x10 with your order! Share... share! 

favorite for sure. My favorite shots are ALWAYS those when families are interacting with each other. 

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May 9th, 2012

Populis Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I have known Nicole for quite a while. We worked together 7 years ago at a daycare... we became close and then she moved on me! When she came back, I was so excited... we worked together when she had her oldest daughter, so I was super excited to see her again and see how much she had grown, matured and become a sweet young lady. Oh it was sooooo humid on Saturday, but the girls cooperated so well, our session was super fast, thanks to them being rock stars... and me. :) Here is your preview Populis family, gallery will be loaded soon! 

haha out take but too cute not to include... I tried to initiate a sneak attack, didn't work too well. :) 

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Important message to Seniors 2013

Seniors 2013, I am opening up my calendar to you beginning in August. I will have a limited amount of sessions available in August, September and October. If you are interested in booking, email me or send me a fb message soon... dates are filling up fast. I also am going to bring back my senior rep program for one more year. You must be a HS senior for 2013, attend one of the surrounding schools and be a stylish girl is who comfortable in front of the camera. If this is you, I want you! You can go to my FB page and fill out the senior rep app, the deadline for applications is May 31 and I will make my selections soon after that. If you are having problems finding the app, please message me. You must be willing to complete your session by the middle of September and be willing to only represent Emily Miller Photography... spread the word! What will you receive for being my senior rep? A free session, at least 30% off of your print order and a cd with web sized files, watermarked, of all of your proofs! 

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May 8th, 2012

Brothers {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I had a mini session with these cuties on Friday. It was sticky, hot and humid, but I think we did pretty well... here is a quick preview for mom and dad before they get their mini session cd. ;) 

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May 6th, 2012

Wyatt {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Wyatt's mom received a gift certificate before Wyatt was born for a session with me. We booked it way in advance, hoping for good weather and smiles all around.... we had smiles.. Wyatt is such a happy happy baby. We had perfect weather on this evening.. to compliment a perfect session. Enjoy your sneak peek Davis family. 

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May 3rd, 2012

Sisters Session {Missouri Children's Photographer}

To say that I love these girls is an understatement. I have formed such a bond with a few of my families and they have come to mean so much to me... These girls are no exception at.all. We had fun, we went to the girls' aunt's house which used to be their mom and aunt's grandma's house, so a lot of memories had been made at this place. I am so happy I was able to be there to capture them for these girls. Here is their preview. ;) 

I think this is my favorite, I love how sweet they are toward one another. I know that they may not always be, but at least they tried for me. :)

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