November 8th, 2012

Maloney Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

LOVE this family.... their kids are the sweetest. I always get the biggest hugs from Claire, always! And all of them are genuine and so appreciative of my work for them. Peek into my LAST..... little family session for 2012. I do have two more sessions, but this is the last one that was on the "books" :) 

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November 7th, 2012

Burns Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

Oh this session was not easy. Little J was NOT thrilled with me at the very beginning. Eventually he warmed up enough for me to at least snap some.. those blue eyes, who can resist? Sneak peek of my second to last session for the year. (well sort of) lol

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November 6th, 2012

Benson Boys {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I've known Christine longer than I've been photographing her kids. These boys are the sweetest...I chased the smallest Benson during this session, but he did stop a few times for me to snap. ;) Enjoy! 

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November 5th, 2012

Layton Girls

I did a little mini shoot first on Saturday with Amy (the smallest Layton) for her birthday pics. Shelley had the idea to go into the carousel and photograph her there and it was a great idea! So cute! And the girls had fun.. and then we walked around Faust park for the rest of our session. Oh my GOSH it was crowded with photogs, probably the last decent weekend of the year (or possibly) it didn't hurt us though, I still managed to get some smiles... and giggles! 

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November 3rd, 2012

A different path... {Missouri family photographer}

Like anything I do, once I get an idea in my head, I must act on it immediately or it will fizzle out quickly. I'm going to be honest now, lay it all out on the table...since starting my photography journey, I always lead with my eye, doing what everyone else did, others bought backdrops for newborns and indoor work, then I must buy them too. Baskets and bows, yep... props, uh huh. So why then do newborn shoots shake me to my bones? I'm usually not ever satisfied with them, though I'm pretty hard on myself anyway, my own worst critic. I had a conversation last night with a fellow photog who does BEAUTIFUL newborn work. BEAUTIFUL... and we both have this love of photographing from a "fly on the wall" type of angle. To be there but almost invisible. Those are ALWAYS my most favorite shots, in whatever shoot I'm doing. Ok yes, I do love when I get a child to look at me with their big beautiful eyes and smile, but to catch them interacting with mom and dad in a completely different way, always my favorite shot. ALWAYS. So why not then, move to what I enjoy more and get rid of what makes me want to cry? Starting in 2013, I will be doing lifestyle sessions... these are not to be confined to newborn shoots. Though that is what all of my newborn sessions will be from here on out. But a lifestyle session can be a normal family session, in your home or a place that you find near to you. A playground, a swimming pool, your bath tub (you'll see why that is not crazy in a moment) a carnival, it is more of a documentary session. I will have a few where I will want my  subjects to look at me and smile, but no more back drops, no more baskets and props. I think that, for me, those shots, in my home, with a new baby and siblings would be much more precious than a posed baby shot.. yes I do still love those posed baby shots, but I would love to have some lifestyle shots of my own kids. I have a lot of my son when he was home with me all day long and they are some of my favorites, him playing with his favorite toy, sitting on the couch with his favorite blanket, always tugs at my heart strings. 

And one more thing I am going to offer in 2013 are birth sessions. I will come to the hospital when you go into labor, capture all of it from almost start to finish. I wish, oh how I wish, I had this when I was in labor with my three kids. For the first two, hubby was way too nervous to handle a camera during and for the last, it went so quickly that, well, we don't have many. Pricing and details to come soon on the birth sessions. I am looking for pregnant mommies, due in 2013, to help me build my portfolio in this. You will receive a huge discount and other incentives (to be determined soon) watch for post soon if you are interested. For now, a few examples of some lifestyle shoots I have done. And it's funny, I was telling my friend, I wasn't sure I would have enough to even showcase it, but going back at least 2 years, I have a lot... apparently I need to start listening to my inner voice more. :) 

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November 1st, 2012

Ryder and his new baby brother {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Oh it was cold on the day of this session, it was windy... and Ryder was a trooper. He did SO good, did not complain one time. I worked fast and we did jackets and blankets in between shots. Not the longest session I've had and not the most proofs, but I was able to get Ryder's beautiful blue eyes and a glimpse of his baby brother. :) 

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