October 30th, 2012

A mom and her kids {Missouri Family Photographer}

I have known Jen forever. We worked together during a very pivotal time in my life and she was such a good friend to me, there to listen, to do things with... and now our girls dance together and we still get to talk. :) I'm so happy she asked me to do some pics for her, I think it is SO important, especially as a mom, to have pics done with your kids and be in them. One day they will look back and appreciate it. Here is your peek Civey family. xoxo

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Strandberg Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

Oh was it EVER cold on Saturday when I photographed this beautiful family. C.O.L.D. the wind was vicious, every time we would stop in an area to shoot and then move to another, Ian would say "we go inside now" poor guy. Anyway, even though it was cold and windy, we still had a great session! Here is your preview Strandberg family! Gallery to come. xo

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October 28th, 2012

Morris Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I'm always excited when I find a new location or my client has a location to use that I've never used. I get so BORED with things around here... the end of fall burn out is setting in. But new locations help... a lot! Here is your sneak peek Morris family. Gallery to come soon! xo

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October 25th, 2012

A Spooky Family Session {Missouri Family Photographer}

I'm going to be honest, this was my first session in a cemetery, first session with "ghosts" and SO MUCH FUN. I had to blog this entire session, almost. I can't wait to see what this family has in store for next year, this is one to top for sure. Thank you for asking me to do this for you Stegall family, I'm honored and humbled. Enjoy your sneak peek. 

at the end, the ghosts and me. :) 

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October 24th, 2012

Jayden's mini session {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Oh this sweet girl, could she be more gorgeous? I mean seriously... and does she EVER know how to pose. I love to photograph her, makes my job 100% easier... and I love my job. Sneak peek for you Nicki! Gallery to come. xoxo

absolute FAVORITE! 

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October 23rd, 2012

Elliott mini session {Missouri Family Photographer}

Another beautiful family mini session from Sunday. And another favorite family of mine. These girls brought me flowers... sweet sweet girls. I've been photographing them for 3 years now... does not seem possible. Elliott family, here is your sneak peek, gallery to come soon, when I get home from my ghostly client session. :) 

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Blum Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

Another beautiful family from Sunday... more sweet sweet girls who mean the world to me... and finally a family portrait from this crew! :) Gallery to come Blum family.... I'm so happy you came out and let me do this for you. xoxo

I love these girls... look at that pose. :) 

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Guffey Mini Session {Missouri Children's Photographer}

I probably sound like a broken record most of the time, saying "I love this family, I have the best clients" but I truly do love all of my regular clients. They are so much more to me than clients, but friends. I watch their children grow and change, go through really rough times (health wise like this little guy, who has overcome MAJOR things in his short life) and watched as they have risen above, victorious. It means the world to me that I am chosen by my clients to capture these special moments in time. Guffey family, you are so special to me, and you always are styled fabulously! Here is your peek, gallery is also up. xoxo

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Kernan Mini Session {Missouri Family Photographer}

First round on my Sunday mini session day was the newlyweds whose wedding I just photographed and their new blended family. Such a beautiful family and the kids did GREAT! Enjoy your peek, gallery to come. 

Mini sessions, you do receive your print cd with your session, but also, if prints are desired, you are able to take 30% off of your print order if you're interested. This includes holiday cards. 

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October 22nd, 2012

Stegall Kiddos {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Oh these kids... they are the coolest. And their mom and dad, also equally as cool. We have so much in common, including our vision for things, so when their mom texted me before their session to tell me she wanted some messy ice cream pics also on Saturday, I was super excited. :) Here is your sneak peek Stegall family! 

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Saturday and two minis {Missouri Portrait Photographer}

I did an extra day of mini sessions for a family that needed them on Saturday. I'm glad it worked out, we had amazing weather and the leaves were GORGEOUS! I hope they stick around for my sessions this weekend... sneak peek is up Kollmeyer family! Galleries to come. :) 

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October 18th, 2012

Lacey {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

I have to brag for just a moment..this is the third Raper sister I have photographed and the SECOND one to come all the way from Rolla for me to photograph them for their senior portraits. I have to say I am humbled and so appreciative of these girls. All three are different yet so similar. Lacey and I had fun during her session and by the end we had some great light finally make its appearance. Enjoy your sneak peek Lacey! Gallery to come. 

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October 17th, 2012

Sarah and Zach {Missouri Portrait Photographer}

I worked with Sarah 8 years ago... we both were in a miserable job, but we connected and re connected all these years later thanks to the internet! We have since become good friends, so when Sarah decided that she wanted to do a session for her 2 year anniversary with her hubby, I was SOOOO excited! We had so much fun, I tried not to laugh through the whole session, they just do that to you, so crazy. Anyway, here is your sneak peek Lawsons... enjoy! Gallery to come. xoxo

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October 14th, 2012

Douglas Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I love this family and this little girl... and on top of being her photographer I am her babysitter this year! We had a BEAUTIFUL location yesterday, perfect weather and a happy baby. Plus, my two assistants/daughters came along to help with smiles. ;) Gallery to come. xoxo 

this wagon was mom's and is now Isla's. How awesome is that?! 

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October 13th, 2012

Willis Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I love this family and their children. Preview of your session Willis Family! ;) xoxo

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Lamarr/Kernan Wedding {MIssouri Wedding Photographer}

When Shelley, the bride's friend and mine, texted me to tell me that in TWO weeks Kelli was going to plan her wedding and be married, I thought she was CRAZY! :) She pulled it off, it was a beautiful, intimate ceremony and honestly, she probably did better than if she had a year to plan. There was just enough small touches to make it fabulous! We got rained on, we were cold, but all in all it was a beautiful wedding and I am so honored that they chose me to document it for them. Enjoy your huge sneak peek.... gallery to come soon. :) 

reading a note from the groom, so so sweet. <3

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October 9th, 2012

Cox Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

Tori contacted me back in June (I believe) for a session for her new baby... as I am cutting back on the amount of new babies, we decided to wait until fall. We had a beautiful day on Sunday, cool but perfect weather. The kids did great, really they did. It was close to their winding down time, the fact that I got as many good eye contact shots at all is a wonderful thing! And mom and dad, they were sooooo relaxed and fun to work with, I know that in their minds they were thinking "This.is.a.disaster." but it wasn't... and look at te great shots I got, more to come in your gallery Cox family. Share this blog post on FB or otherwise and get 5 comments by tomorrow evening and you will receive a free 8x10 with your print order! Enjoy! 

Out take yes... fun shot with mom and dad natural, even if no one else is looking at the camera... WONDERFUL! <3 <3 

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October 3rd, 2012

The Gum Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

Another beautiful family session... we have had this session booked and had to reschedule at least a handful of times. We finally got it in. :) Here is your sneak peek Gum family. Gallery to come. 

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October 2nd, 2012

A family of 3 is now 4! {Missouri Lifestyle Photographer}

I have been photographing this family since big brother was about 4 weeks old. I <3 them. I was SO excited when Annie mentioned doing more of a lifestyle session for their newborn session. It's something that I am comfortable at and to me, it's a peek into your life, not posed, not with a fake background... just your family. I also did a few posed of miss A, who was an angel... here is your sneak peek McIntyre family. Enjoy! 

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October 1st, 2012

Johnson Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

I have to say that I think I have the BEST clients around. I have built such great relationships with so many of my regular clients, they really are my friends as well. I've been photographing this little guy since he was just about 3 months old... he clearly was NOT going to make my job easy on Saturday, but that's ok, I was up for the challenge. :) David and Jen, here's your sneak peek! Enjoy. Gallery to come. 

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