September 30th, 2014

Kaylee|senior|Homeschool|2015 {Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer}

I was so excited when I realized I had a homeschool rep for this year. I think it's so important for homeschoolers to get senior photos as well, it's a time in their lives you want to remember!

Kaylee has been homeschooled   7 years, she says "I promise I'm still social"  She  loves to write and play music. She also  plays  the piano, bass guitar, and is learning violin. She  also loves art; Sketching, painting, photography, you name it! Her faith  in Christ is what keeps her going. Someday, after she completes the proper training, I hope to become an IMB missionary. She is such a great girl who comes from an amazing family! Here is a peek into her session.

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September 29th, 2014

Robinson/Hamilton Wedding {Missouri Wedding Photographer}

This family.... so dear to my heart. I've known the bride's mom and dad ever since I met my husband Chris. Stephanie's dad was Chris's best friend while in the Army, he is the godfather of my girls. Special people... and Stephanie, I used to watch her at battery football games when her mom wasn't there. She was just a little thing... so I was absolutely honored they asked me to photograph their big day.

It rained.... oh how it rained... Their wedding took place in Norman Oklahoma, and we had high hopes to go to OU to take some outside shots before the ceremony, well that fell through because I swear it was a monsoon. The rain did calm down a bit for us to do a few outside shots... and it didn't harbor the wedding, it was beautiful and sweet just like these two. Congratulations to Corey and Stephanie! I'm very happy for you both and wish you both all of the best!

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September 9th, 2014

Roth Family {Missouri Family Photographer}

This family bought a gift certificate for the grandparents for Christmas last year. What a FABULOUS idea!!!! Really... how often do you do family pictures with the entire family?! A sweet family, had so much fun with these kiddos!

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Gowen Sisters {Missouri Children's Photographer}

Oh these girls... such little sweethearts! We had fun at their mini session, even if my lens did keep fogging up on me! I've been photographing them for quite a while now... love repeat clients!

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