about me


My name is Emily
I am a mother to three children; twin girls Grace and Gabriela and a son Jack

I am an only child and sibling rivalry confuses me.

I am compassionate and caring. Disney movies make me cry. I have a love for my friends that I can't explain.
I married my soul mate, my partner and my complete opposite.

I am unorganized and messy. I work in organized chaos. My thoughts come and go on a whim.

I love different things, the quirkier the better and it gets my mojo flowing.
I  love modern and classic, vintage and grungy. I have split personalities when it comes to that. I tend to sway between the two.

I believe in the power of positive energy and live my life that way. You get out of life what you give back, took me a while, but I get it now.

I like to have fun and laugh during a session, stiff posed sessions are not my thing.

I love showtunes and Broadway. Bette Midler is an idol of mine.

I love to laugh

I was voted "prettiest eyes" my senior year in HS.
I took dancing all of my childhood years and still take an adult tap class, I love it.

I am not the photographer for everyone. If you desire an entirely posed session, then by all means I can refer you to someone who can meet your needs. If what you want is a little bit of your life captured on film, then I'm your gal.
Take a look at my work and get a feel for my style. If you think I am your photographer, then please fill out the contact form.

Stuff I've done:
Had a photo published in a creative writing and photography publication "Conclave" in 2007
Voted top Senior Photographer for 2010
Published in SVC magazine for an article on the St Louis Rams.